Company Services - Irrigation Concepts

Services Offered

        o Commercial
        o Government
        o Low Volume Drip Irrigation

        o Budget
        o Irrigation Construction Management
        o Evaluation of plant and turf water requirements
        o Water Schedules that achieve goals
        o System efficiency Evaluations

        o Construction Administration
        o Construction Observation

        o On Site Inspections of  Irrigation Installations

Alternate Water Sources
        o Reuse/Reclaim Water
        o Well Water
        o Rain Water harvesting

Testing and Certification
        o Backflow Testing and Certification

Site Planning
        o Site Research and Analysis
        o Conceptual Site Layout
        o Planning

Central Control Setup and Monitoring
        o Initial Design and Set-up
        o Central Control Maps

Record Documents
        o GIS/GPS Data Acquisition
        o GPS Accuracy As-Builts
        o GIS Mapping